BRV wants to stimulate citizens to live and work close to transport nodes and facilities. This vision of the future is often translated all too literally into a polarising story about 'good' and 'bad', as a result of which these concepts are difficult to grasp by the general public.
To gain support for the roll-out of BRV, insights into the behaviour of various citizens (from village dwellers to urban dwellers) in moving to facilities and choosing where to live are needed, in addition to regulatory and financial measures.

The proximity of facilities makes a (sustainable) move to them possible, but that does not mean that people will actually do it. With a perception study, we try to bring out the underlying motivations by means of various (group) interviews.

We processed our insights into a graphic diagram so that 'sustainable' travel behaviour and 'sustainable' choice of place to live could appeal to as diverse a public as possible and thus be used strategically in the roll-out of BRV.

Download the final report of this second behavioural study here.

2020 - 2021
Departement Omgeving
Cosmopolis (VUB), Fran Bambust
Jonas, Sophie, Bert