The BRV wants citizens to (start) living in cores instead of further encroaching on scarce open space. This policy requires that, besides the government, other actors make the supply possible, but also that (certain segments of) the population adapt their housing behaviour.
Insights are needed into the complex process of choosing how and where to live and what the moment is when someone makes a move. Thus, in this study we look for what influencers there are in the decision process of Flemish people when choosing their place to live.
There are various influencing factors that have an impact on our choice: factors of stock and availability, human factors and influencing actors. For example, a convincing estate agent can play a trigger role in the purchase of a property.
With another perception study, but also through in-depth interviews with key actors, we gain more insight into this complex 'choice architecture' of citizens. We translate this into several personas for clarification.
2021 - 2022
Departement Omgeving
Urban Connector, Costumer Revolution
Jonas, Sophie, Bert