As a center for nature and environmental education, Heempark plays a crucial role in shaping a sustainable and healthy Genk society. The center makes its target groups aware of their own impact and the possibilities to adapt their own lifestyle.
It is a place where associations and organizations with a commitment to nature and climate meet each other and new initiatives arise. As a green meeting place, the center contributes to improving mental and physical health by giving everyone the opportunity to be outside and enjoy nature.
All these qualities of the Heempark are not known as such by the average resident of Genk. Today, Heempark is rather fragmented and divided. That is why we are looking for a new inspiring mission and vision.
In this way, the Heempark can become what it wants, needs and should be: a city-coalition that strives for a climate-proof and sustainable future.
Stad Genk
Shaved Monkey
Jorik, Jakob, Sophie