The City of Hasselt asked us and Atelier Romain to draw up a future plan for the Runkst district. It is one of the most diverse and urban districts of the city but faces a number of challenges. Over the last 10 years, a lot has changed in the neighbourhood. A lot of young families have moved in, but certain infrastructure and facilities are still missing, so that people often fall back on the city centre.
The aim is to arrive at a future plan that consists of a spatial framework based on specific district-wide ambitions and a development agenda with concrete actions, in close cooperation with the various urban services.
Within the district, together with the city, we identified six leverage points: locations where there are opportunities to build a vision of the future and to translate district-wide ambitions into projects.
In order to promote the sharing of knowledge between the various urban services, we organised thinking-through sessions for each leverage point. During these sessions, Endeavour facilitated dialogue based on map material and spatial scenarios provided by Atelier Romain. These insights are shared with residents at community events so that they too can respond and indicate what they consider important to make their neighbourhood more future-proof.
Stad Hasselt
Atelier Romain
Hanne, Sophie