How can we ensure that specialised or local know-how concerning the use of space and the spatial needs of children and young people finds its way into spatial development projects within the city of Leuven in a better and more targeted way?

To this end, Endeavour developed a toolkit in collaboration with Spaced, Expeditions, Eyckveld and various city services to map out child-friendly spaces in co-creation with various target groups.

This assignment is a 'co-creative action-research' in which we, together with a diversity of urban services, first sharpened the assignment and then searched for new analysis tools with young people and professionals.

By completing several cases in different phases, a growing handbook emerged, which can serve as a guideline for building a further play plan.

In addition to this study, a web tool was developed, where knowledge and observations of different services about the child and youth friendliness can be brought together and from which new partnerships can arise. Check out the tool here.

2017 - 2018
Stad Leuven
Spaced, Expeditions vzw, Eyckveld Omgevingspsychologe
Tim, Jakob, Jan VH