Westende-Bad used to be described as 'the pearl of the coast' because of its identity as a family seaside resort and flourishing trading system. However, in recent decades the seaside resort has faced a number of socio-spatial challenges.
The team Maat Ontwerpers - Endeavor set to work to map the local dynamics.
At the level of Westende Bad and its building blocks, we looked for the underlying opportunities for renewal and densification. By not researching each building separately, but rather conducting thematic research, an assessment framework is created within which type assignments can be detected.
We tackled this task with a detailed social analysis in which we tried to paint a diverse picture of the area. We proceeded by making observations in public spaces, conducting short interviews with passers-by and extensive in-depth interviews with key actors.
In the next step we started working on three strong 'neighbourhood stories'. These stories were tested with local actors during a workshop week and formed the basis for further vision.
Provincie West-Vlaanderen
Maat Ontwerpers
Jan, Tim