For the Flemish Environment Department, Endeavour made an evaluation of current junction developments together with Buur, Rebel and proflow. Endeavour investigated 4 stations by means of perception research.

In the station environments of Leuven, Aarschot, Sint-Niklaas and Roeselare, observations and interviews of various key figures and users of the space yielded a lot of qualitative data.

This data was projected onto experience maps and sketches of various environments around the station.

In order to check whether these experience maps were collectively recognised, an evaluation followed with the various people we interviewed. This way, the analysis was enriched.

Recommendations followed according to 9 overarching themes throughout the 4 cases. You can consult the perception study here. In addition, a paper was written on the basis of a broader reflection.

Leuven, Aarschot, Sint-Niklaas, Roeselare
2017 - 2018
Departement Omgeving
Buur, Rebel, Proflow
Jonas, Tim