Over the last few decades, the Otterstraat neighbourhood has experienced a downward economic spiral and major challenges in the field of housing. We are looking for impulses in the areas of living quality, meeting, education and work.
Morphologically, the district is composed of small terraced houses, small-scale apartment buildings and commercial premises with a residential unit. The outdated houses provide affordable housing that attracts vulnerable profiles.
The neighbourhood has a large number of inhabitants with an economically vulnerable profile. Educating residents and facilitating access to the labour market gives the neighbourhood perspective.
The district is bustling with socio-cultural organisations hidden behind stately fa├žades. Reinforcing the organisations visually in the streetscape and letting them claim public space generates interaction.
2020 - 2021
Stad Turnhout
Studio Thomas Willemse, Domus Mundi
Jonas, Loren, Arno