The major housing urgency presents us with the challenge of looking for densification options. At the same time there is a growing realization that economic activity -in all its capacity- must continue to have a place in the urban fabric.
In this study we investigate how we should deal with our industrial estates and how they can provide an answer to the current housing crisis. Does working and living really go together? And if so, in what way? At what place?
We bundled our insights in a three-part publication. The first part examines the added values of mixing living and working space itself.
In the second part we look at four cases to gain more insight into the bottlenecks when implementing a mixed area development.
In the third part we unleash four development strategies on the Keilekwartier in Amsterdam to investigate their spatial, social, financial and organizational consequences.
Vlaanderen & Nederland
Jiska, Tim, Klara, Bert